Vallica is first and foremost a haven of peace. Whether you arrive during the day or at night, the surprise is enormous.

The night is black, thick as ink and its unsuspected crown of stars invites contemplation, while the pollution of cities has made it forever impossible elsewhere. Here, the term Milky Way takes on its full meaning.

The day is another fairyland in an immediate tête-à-tête with a procession of mountains that the morning sun floods in its generous course.

There is no doubt that this Giussani valley invites you to meditate. You can feel the telluric energies at your leisure, such as simply admiring the landscape and relaxing with a good hike, a few breaststrokes in the swimming pool or diving into a book ... Here nature and you are one. , so look up and open your ears wide.


We are in the regional natural park of Corsica and the forest of Vallica, which covers 50% of its territory within the Natura 2000 network. It is home to 51 species of birds (the great eagle, the golden eagle, the golden kite). , the sittelle), 5 species of bats (the mouflon, the fario trout, the salamander, the wild boar, the hare, the weasel and maybe the wild cat) and many plant species, such as the Illyrian pancreas, the coral peony, the Immortelle des Frimas, juniper oxycedron, Lariccio pine, yeuseraie.

You can visit the villages of Giussani (Olmi Cappella, Mausoleo, Pioggiola, Vallica). A true conservatory of the island's soul, today they are looking for another breath through tourism, including international theater meetings (July, August).



It is practiced in many ways, via mule tracks which linked the villages together with pavements of yesteryear. You will come across many mills along the river, an important agro-pastoral heritage (landscaped terraces, threshing floor, sheepfolds, mulching), archaeological sites (7000 years of history that a small museum tries to trace), Bridges with admirable architecture built or renovated during the Genoese period or even a large number of natural sites of major interest sheltering a remarkable diversity of fauna and flora.


Also called "facial reflexology", Dien Chan is a non-invasive natural method. It helps relieve everyday ailments (muscle pain, nervous system disorders, digestive, hormonal, food, respiratory problems ...) and improve well-being.



Nature and history as a mirror of our inner being.

Christophe will guide you along the paths and fields around Vallica. Accessible to all, young and old, the sensory walk is an intense experience, punctuated by short breaks to discover all that nature offers us by using our sense of smell, our hearing, our taste, our sight and our touch.